On World Blood Donor Day 2016, the Co-Chair of the APPG on Blood Donation announced our Parliamentary Inquiry. The objectives of the Inquiry are to establish the reasoning for the current policy and to produce recommendations for future policy so that all those who want to donate and can do so safely are able to. Alongside our oral evidence sessions currently taking place in Parliament, we are now welcoming written submissions from any relevant individuals.

The Terms of Reference can be downloaded below, but specifically, we are asking for evidence on the following areas:

  • The merits and demerits of the current donor selection criteria as established in 2011
  • The current policy on assessing donor risk
  • Evidence on the implementation and reliability of risk-based donor selection
  • Ensuring any future blood donor criteria take account of demographic and technological change

We are inviting submissions of no more than 2000 words, with your organisation clearly stated. Submissions should be sent by no later than the 31st of March to

Please see below for our Inquiry’s Terms of Reference.

Any questions should be directed to FreedomToDonate’s Head of Parliamentary Engagement, Andrew Clarke.