Ethan Spibey

Founder | FreedomToDonate

FreedomToDonate began, for me, when my Grandad survived a major operation thanks to someone donating blood. I’ve always been very close to my Grandad and so when I found out I couldn’t donate blood to pay back that incredible donor, I was both upset and angry. As a gay man, I can’t repay the favour and it’s something that I’m passionate about changing. Those who can donate blood safely, should be able to donate and it’s high time we reviewed who can make the life saving gesture of donating blood.

I’m completely dedicated to driving this forward campaign and achieving real policy change in a positive manner, highlighting the benefits for all of us if such restrictions were lifted. It’s not just about equality, it’s about donating blood and saving lives, giving people a second chance, just like my Grandad had.


Dan Costen

Head of Media & PR

FreedomToDonate’s strong, evidence-based case to update the regulations on blood donation is a campaign that I am proud to be a part of.

This campaign intends to bring blood guidelines in line with today’s medical evidence, while ensuring the bloodstocks remain safe. The priority will always be to ensure the integrity of the blood supply, but also to allow thousands of willing and able donors to safely make this life saving gesture.

FreedomToDonate is a unique campaign – we are not fighting for our own benefit. We are fighting to do something incredible and altruistic, we are fighting to be allowed to save lives. I’m passionate about campaigning on behalf of those whose healthy blood can be given to someone whose life depends on it.


Emily Wallace

Strategic Director

Giving blood is something which not only saves lives but means so much to anyone who has ever had a friend or relative in need of a transfusion. I wholly support the work of FreedomToDonate in raising awareness about this policy and calling for a review into who can safely donate blood.

Leading a team at one of the country’s leading Public Affairs companies, GK Strategy, and working in public affairs for 20 years, I know what it takes to affect real change and when the issue is one as important as this, it’s something I’m passionate about achieving.


Andrew Clarke

Head of Parliamentary and Corporate Engagement

I got involved in FreedomToDonate after coming across the website and being shocked by the rules on blood donation, especially when there are over 6000 blood donations needed every day just to meet hospital demand. I have always been interested in politics and how it can spur social change, so I was really pleased when Ethan asked me to head up the parliamentary engagement side of the campaign.

This is a cause that I genuinely believe can make such a difference to the lives of thousands of people whose lives can be saved by a simple blood transfusion, and I would urge as many people as possible to get involved.


Joe Allen

Head of Content

It seemed, to me, ridiculous, that there could be a large community of people willing and able to try and help save other people’s lives by donating blood – but that they were being prevented from doing so because of misguided information, correct at the time, but now in desperate need of review. With blood stocks and donations having dropped so severely, I couldn’t not help out with this campaign.

I feel guilty for having never given blood, when it’s such a simple and literally lifesaving thing to do. But sadly, as a sexually active gay man, I am not allowed to help other people in that way, and this has got to change. We can make a huge difference with this campaign, because even one donation can save a life.

Please, sign the petition, get involved, and help us give the FreedomToDonate.


Paul O’Brien

Digital Manager

When Ethan approached me with this campaign I thought he must be mistaken and that surely the law couldn’t be so ridiculous. As soon as I realised it was no joke I agreed to get on board and lend my digital experience to support the petition and help spread the word.

It is a shame that in 2016 I should feel the need to mention my sexuality to make a point, but as a straight man I fail to see how my blood can be worth any more than that of a gay man. A human is made of the same ingredients no matter what colour their skin, religion they follow or gender they are attracted to. Blood is blood, and as long as that blood is healthy it should be available to those who need it. Making assumptions on the quality of blood based on the sexuality of the carrier shows shocking prejudice that simply should not exist in society – let alone the law.

Please sign the petition to contribute your voice to this campaign, it takes less than a minute and could help save many more lives.